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Applying For Help

Anyone affected by cancer can approach us for financial support!

‘People and their families, of all ages and from all walks of life, who are living with cancer – whether it be through their own diagnosis and treatment or that of a family member.’

An application for a support grant is dealt with by one of our team, usually a Trustee, by email in the first instance asking for proof of identity together with proof of the cancer treatment or diagnosis from a medical professional involved.

We will ask if it is appropriate to have a short meeting with the applicant/beneficiary. This can be at an outpatient clinic, on a hospital ward or at home and is for you to fill in a short Grant Application Sheet with the help of one of our team.

However, this process can also be completed by email or post if required!

Our Grant Application Sheet asks for some basic information on why the money is needed, the current situation and how the money will support the applicant.

The whole process is very ‘hands-on’ and is completed in quite a relatively short period of time so as to cause the person involved the least stress possible.

What A Grant Can Be Used For

We hope that our financial support will enable people and their families living with cancer be able to:

  • pay their bills
  • buy new/fix old household appliances
  • buy much-needed good quality food
  • buy new clothes needed due to body changes and decent wigs, headscarves and hats needed due to hair loss from chemotherapy
  • pay for child/pet care whilst having to stay in hospital or due to inability
  • pay travel expenses to and from hospital and for much needed recreational trips out
  • have a short break away in a different location
  • pay for prescription or other treatment costs incurred – maybe by having to go abroad to be treated
  • pay for funeral costs

What We Can Offer

If the applicant is successful we usually offer an initial Individual Support Grant of £200-£300, depending on current need, but this can sometimes be more – at the discretion of the Trustees approval depending on the circumstances.

We very much like to join our beneficiaries ‘on the journey’ and therefore like to keep in touch and will offer further support, such as a Top-Up Grant of around £200, within the next 12 months.

If the need should arise and as our charity grows, depending on funds available, we aim to continue to support our beneficiaries even after the first 12 months!

If you, or someone you know, needs our support please write to us, in the first instance, via email to or by an alternative method – please refer to our Contact Us page on this site.